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Vidara Switzerland AG is one of the world's leading suppliers of raw materials for the veterinary, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food and feed industries.

Since 1986 (formerly Indukern Chemie AG) we have been your global partner for supply chain management, cost efficiency and sourcing. We are an innovative and dynamic organization and our goal is to keep our customers and partners ahead of the competition and to serve their innovation needs with on-time service and personal commitment.


The common denominator of the food, feed, veterinary, pharmaceutical and chemical industries is that they all need raw materials for further processing. Meeting the demands of these industries is the goal of Vidara Switzerland AG.

The trade of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) is our core business and we are happy to offer manufacturers API, excipient and drug intermediate solutions. Vidara Switzerland AG is a registered dealer with approved license for narcotics and is able to support you also in this field. In addition, in the animal business we offer solutions for pets and small animals, in particular API's.

We purchase raw materials in China, India and Europe and ship them to Hamburg (Germany) and/or Rotterdam (The Netherlands). More than 450 different bulk products, including generic pharmaceuticals, are stored in Hamburg and this enables fast shipment to customers in more than 40 countries. Quality control during storage is performed by a local laboratory.

To ensure the quality of the raw materials, intermediates, additives, preservatives and other products supplied, Vidara has signed contracts with chemists and laboratories that test the products and pass on the corresponding recommendations for improvement to the producer.