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Flavors and fragrances

Our Flavours and Fragrances division has a highly qualified team that works together with customers on forecasting their purchasing needs to ensure a continuous supply adjusted to their requirements.

In the Flavours and Fragrances division we develop, manufacture and distribute synthetic and natural aromatic chemicals, essential oils and cosmetic ingredients.

We have over 2,000 high quality ingredients and our own natural specialities to develop products for the fragrance, food and cosmetics industries.

Specifications and Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are not available on this website, please contact your usual agent.

Imagen Aromas y Fragancias


code Name Sort descending Cas Fema Botanical name
6111275 Absoluto verbena 8024-12-2 Lippia citriodora Kunth.
6110764 Absoluto violeta hojas 8024-08-6 3110 Viola Odorata L.
6111426 Acalea tbhq 84697-09-6
6111619 Aceite de aguacate refinado
6111239 Aceite de argan 223747-87-3 Argania Spinosa (L.), Sapotaceae
6110856 Aceite de calendula 84776-23-8 Calendula officinalis L., Compositae (Helianthus annuus L., Compositae)
6111296 Aceite de coco 8001-31-8 Cocos nucifera L., Palmaceae
6111356 Aceite de colza (canola) 8002-13-9 Brassica campestris
6111421 Aceite de germen de trigo 8013-86-3
6110968 Aceite de girasol refinado 8001-21-6 Helianthus annuus L., Compositae
6111284 Aceite de nim 8002-65-1 Melia azadirachta L., Meliaceae
6111355 Aceite de ricino refinado 8001-79-4 2263 Cistus ladaniferus L., Cistaceae
6110851 Aceite de rosa mosqueta 84696-47-9 2153 Rosa canina L., Rosaceae
6111702 Aceite de semillas de algodon Gossypium herbaceum Seed Oil
6110855 Aceite de zanahoria 84929-61-3 3001 Daucus carota L. var. sativa, Umbelliferae (Helianthus annuus L., Compositae)
6110983 Acetal 105-57-7 2002
6111066 Acetal r 7493-57-4
6110028 Acetanisol 100-06-1 2005
6110926 Acetanisol lÍquido 100-06-1 2005
6110057 Acetato 1-octen-3-ilo 2442-10-6 3582