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Imagen Header Aromas y fragancias

Flavors and fragrances

Our Flavours and Fragrances division has a highly qualified team that works together with customers on forecasting their purchasing needs to ensure a continuous supply adjusted to their requirements.

In the Flavours and Fragrances division we develop, manufacture and distribute synthetic and natural aromatic chemicals, essential oils and cosmetic ingredients.

We have over 2,000 high quality ingredients and our own natural specialities to develop products for the fragrance, food and cosmetics industries.

Specifications and Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are not available on this website, please contact your usual agent.

Imagen Aromas y Fragancias


Cas Product Fema Sort descending Botanic name
Cedro virginia ae
Alvanone extra
147060-73-9 Citrathal
38303-23-0 Esclareno 80% dpg
56973-85-4 Galbascone alfa
59354-71-1 Isobutirato dimetilbencilcarbinilo
80-54-6 Lilestralis puro
82356-51-2 Muscanona
94349-62-9 Ag002 - aloe vera gel 1x decolorized
92201-50-8 Ravintsara ae Cinnamomum camphora (L.), Lauraceae
Absoluto champaca rojo
91-51-0 Base schiff lilial
125109-85-5 Florhydral
54546-26-8 Herboxane
Suederal lt
154171-76-3 Ysamber k
8014-68-4 Niaouli madagascar ae Melaleuca viridiflora
8024-12-2 Verbena marruecos ae Lippia citriodora, Verbenaceae
3581-87-1 2-metil tiazol
61789-17-1 Acetato guayilo