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Comprehensive Quality and Sustainability

Our Integrated Management System.

At Vidara we have an Integrated Management System (IMS) that lets us deliver on our commitments efficiently and across the board in accordance with the internal policies related to:

Food culture

Vidara, from the management and with the participation of all its workers, is fully committed to complying with the requirements of the FOOD SAFETY CULTURE in all the processes of the organisation in the hygiene of food products, the management of food allergens and the redistribution of food.

This compromise is based on the company's commitment to produce safe food by following good food safety practices by all its employees and always maintaining clear and open communication.

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Food quality and safety

As evidence of our commitment to the quality of our goods and services, we have the ISO 9001:2015 certification based on an integrated management system that serves as a reference to leverage all company processes.

In addition to strict compliance with the applicable regulatory standards for food and animal nutrition, we have dedicated FAMI-QS, Halal, Kosher, Organic product and RSPO certifications for the different business lines.


One of our core activities is the import, marketing, storage and distribution of different types of chemical and pharmaceutical products. As a result, the integrated management system complies with Good Distribution Practice (GDP) Guidelines to guarantee the quality of the actives, excipients and medicines for human and veterinary use we distribute and market.

Safety and hygiene in the workplace

The company has the ISO 45001:2018 Health and Safety Management System certification as evidence of its commitment to the occupational health and safety of its workers and others who may be affected by its activities.

The objective of this part of the system is to provide safe and healthy workplaces, prevent on-the-job injuries and health impairment and ensure the continuous improvement of OHS performance across our company.

Our commitment to sustainability

At Vidara we understand sustainability as an intrinsic part of our activity and aim to responsibly manage the economic, social and environmental dimensions of sustainable development to generate value for society and for the business. Sustainability has always been a large part of what we do and who we are.

Our goal is to contribute to a responsible and inclusive business with the needs of the environment, consistent with our values of a human approach, professionalism, initiative and propriety and based on our four principles of sustainability:

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Excellence in recycling and circular economy

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Environmental footprint and climate action

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Community engagement

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Strategic partnerships

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We have a major influence on people’s health and wellness across the sectors we serve, so it is vitally important that we never stop moving the needle in this area.

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We contribute to the creation and maintenance of full and stable employment and the protection of labour rights by promoting a safe working environment.

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Our contribution to responsible production and consumption is important for us and building social and natural capital is a key plank in our business strategy.

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The organisation considers it important to offset the environmental effects of its activity and contribute to the fight against climate change.

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Helping make a just society posited on values, responsibility and ethics, reporting our results in a public and transparent manner, as a basis for sustainable development.

Commitment to sustainable development and the SDGs

Onboarding the SDGs into our business plans strengthens the identification and management of risks and opportunities, making us more efficient and aligning our strategy and expectations with those of our employees, customers, suppliers, investors and the communities where we operate. Strategic SDGs for Vidara.

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At Vidara we develop environmentally responsible management and promote environmental sustainability across all our processes. We comply strictly with environmental legislation in all the countries where we operate.

We are committed to protecting the environment in the development of our activities and preventing pollution through the efficient consumption of resources, the reduction of C02 emissions and by improving the environmental aspects of the life cycle of our products, promoting a circular economy.


Personnel issues

At Vidara we are committed to people and the creation of quality employment that empowers talent and leadership. We work in accordance with the values of the company -human approach, professionalism, initiative and propriety- and have the knowhow necessary to deliver the expected results.

Occupational health and safety is a key part of our management and for this reason we have a Health, Safety and Environment Policy.

This drive to be better every day contributed to the achievement in 2021 of the "Great place to work" recognition in our Vidara Brazil centre. This certification was achieved after passing a rigorous analytical process and proving that we met the required levels of exigency.



Our Code of Conduct incorporates the values and principles that govern the rules of conduct. We have an Ethics Channel for reporting unlawful situations, crimes and/or violations of the Code of Ethics.

With regards nondiscrimination, we reject and prohibit any manifestation of physical, psychological or moral harassment or abuse of authority, as well as any other conduct that may generate an intimidating or offensive environment for people.

We ensure equal opportunities and act without any type of discrimination.

We respect freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.



At Vidara we organise and support non-profit initiatives in some of the local communities where we operate.

With regards subcontracting and suppliers, we have a Global Procurement Policy that establishes our relationship framework and criteria for supplier selection and evaluation processes. We are part of Sedex, the world’s largest data platform for supply chain assessment, and conduct SMETA audits. We are also part of EcoVadis, the global software platform that provides a sustainability rating, covering a wide range of non-financial management systems including environmental impacts, labour practices and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement.

We partner with several Special Employment Centres for the provision of professional services to improve the inclusion and equality of persons with disabilities.