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Research and development

R&D projects

Vidara's Food Division drives innovation in the food sector. From its innovation and development centres, it designs and produces food solutions for a wide range of dairy products, cheeses, beverages, meat products, pastries, baked goods and sauces, among others.

All with the aim of creating new processes and products that respond to the needs of a constantly changing society demanding increasingly healthy, tasty food adapted to their pace of life.

We have four national projects funded by Spain’s Centre for Industrial Technological Development through its call for CIEN grants in place and two projects with European funding.

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We are spearheading the FOOD4STROKE project focused on improving the health of people at risk of cardiovascular events through materials obtained from plant by-products. Vidara will design various ingredients and food supplements with neuroprotective effects to be evaluated in clinical trials.

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In the TERATROFO project, we develop safe and stable preparations that will be used to improve the quality of life of colorectal cancer patients on the one hand, and to improve their recovery during treatment on the other.

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The ACTILIFE project, aimed at designing new ingredients and foods to increase the health of the general population and the performance of athletes.

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Food safety and reducing the use of chemical preservatives and disinfectants across the industry and improving animal welfare are addressed in the SEGURAM project, which explores state-of-the-art alternatives to be implemented in the meat sector, thus reducing the use of chemical substances and resulting in healthier, more sustainable food production with less impact.

Vidara engages in two projects at the European level: ALEHOOP, where we lead a working group, and UP4HEALTH, which aims to appraise olive by-products, macroalgae, legumes for use as new sources of ingredients and protein. The aim is to respond to the worldwide need for new sources of protein and other nutrients outside animal production. Knowledge around the use of these new matrices sees the company pioneer the development of products for the vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian communities.

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