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Flavors and fragrances

Our Flavours and Fragrances division has a highly qualified team that works together with customers on forecasting their purchasing needs to ensure a continuous supply adjusted to their requirements.

In the Flavours and Fragrances division we develop, manufacture and distribute synthetic and natural aromatic chemicals, essential oils and cosmetic ingredients.

We have over 2,000 high quality ingredients and our own natural specialities to develop products for the fragrance, food and cosmetics industries.

Specifications and Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are not available on this website, please contact your usual agent.

Imagen Aromas y Fragancias


Cas Product Sort descending Fema Botanic name
8000-46-2 Absoluto geranio Pelargonium graveolens (L.), Geraniaceae
8046-22-8 Absoluto haba tonka Dipteryx odorata, Leguminosae
90045-90-2 Absoluto iris 2829 Iris pallida, Iridaceae
8022-96-6 Absoluto jazmin egipto 2598 Jasmine, Jasminum grandiflorum L., Oleaceae
8022-96-6 Absoluto jazmin india 2598 Jasmine, Jasminum grandiflorum L., Oleaceae
8022-96-6 Absoluto jazmin marruecos 2598 Jasmine, Jasminum grandiflorum L., Oleaceae
8016-26-0 Absoluto labdanum 2608 Cistus ladaniferus, L.
8016-26-0 Absoluto labdanum decolorado 2608 Cistus ladaniferus L., Cistaceae
Absoluto lavandino Lavandula hybrida var. abrial, Labiatae
90082-82-9 Absoluto lentisco Pistacia lentiscus L., Anacardiaceae
68916-96-1 Absoluto mate Ilex paraguariensis, Aquifoliaceae
93685-96-2 Absoluto mimosa 2755 Acacia decurrens, var. dealbata, Leguminosae
8030-28-2 Absoluto naranja amarga 2818 Citrus aurantium, Rutaceae
8007-01-0 Absoluto rosa bulgaria 2988 Rosa damascena, Mill
8007-01-0 Absoluto rosa centifolia 2988 Rosa centifolia, Rosaceae
84604-13-7 Absoluto rosa rusia Rosa Gallica L.
8007-01-0 Absoluto rosa turquia 2988 Rosa Damascena, Mill.
8037-19-2 Absoluto tabaco Nicotiana tabacum L., Solanaceae
94334-35-7 Absoluto tuberosa Polianthes tuberosa L., Amaryllidaceae
8024-06-4 Absoluto vainilla 3105 Vanilla planifolia, Orchidaceae